would the world stop spinning
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2004-01-19 12:34:38 (UTC)

cuz i don't ever wanna feel like this again

i'm walking away now before i make myself feel any
stupider than i already do. i was told tonight not to say
the words anymore, and it hurt me so took alot to
not say them more than i did. aparently i'm some kinda
freak b/c i fell so hard for this girl(that in the
begining i didn't wanna stumble for,and now...)so i'm
having some problems getting over her...i wanted more,i
wanted her...sue me!or fuck off!yeah maybe i am a
freak...i can't write about this hurts.

so i decided that it's a bad idea for me to keep seeing
either of the two girls i was seeing,i was never
interested in dating crystal cuz she's too young,and ta
hell with ali...jesus,i knew i couldn't get involved with
her ,and i know she doesn't do the "dateing" thing,but
i liked her and i was getting to know her alot better,but
now i don't want to move in with them,and i still think
she's way off from what i want personally.
fuck i hate this...i'm tired of writing.
it hurt but it makes me sooooo mad,it shouldn't be like

btw, the new journal is at
xfixeate..... your the one i got it because of.