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2004-01-19 07:49:19 (UTC)

Where is she?

So it's 11:30 and I'm worried. My girlfriend went to
San Francisco with her friends today, she told me last
night when we were on the phone that she would call me
today, but she hasn't yet. She's like that lately though,
so I don't know if I should be too worried. We're supposed
to go snowboarding tomorrow with Eric, the manager I close
with on Fridays and Saturdays, and his girlfriend Chelsea.
I'll be bummed and won't go if she doesn't.
On the happier side of things, band practice went well
today. We can get through "We Killed Pablo Escabar" every
time we play it. We might have a band name, but I'm not
sure about it yet. Doug, the vocalist, thought of it, but I
can't even remember it right now. So we've practiced
together 3 times now, and have 1 song complete. I like our
new song a lot better, it's got more of an emotional feel
to it. I like music that builds tension, then releases it,
and has excitement. We got into a big discussion about time
signatures today, I kinda think that Chris is wrong about
the song being in 4/4 played with triplets instead of 6/8
time. I'll have to talk to Austin about it.
Well at work today we got swamped. We had 4 drivers
and we had a $2,000 night. Amanda said she'd come see my
band play when we play gigs, which should be in a few
months. Hopefully we'll have a room at the house of hits
pretty soon, supposedly by the beginning of February, but
I'm skeptical.