My Life as I know it
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2004-01-19 07:04:29 (UTC)

To Talk or not to Talk

Well being my first Entry I fugured I would talk about
something that has been bothering me for the past what 4
months. Well I have broken up w/my Boy friend. I dunno if u
would even call us a boyfriend girlfriend relationship
being as tho we fought more than we "loved". there are 2
sides to every story, and my side is that he was
disrespcestful to me and just wasnt honest. And as most
guys are, very immature. But I cared for him deeply, which
he doubts that I cared for him in any way. But he hurt me
so I thoguth I had every right to get him back. now i hera
my mother chiming in, 2 wrongs dont make a right. I KNOW
MOM! lol, but I had too I wasnt gonna be stepped all over.
So anyways, this is my dilema. I think I miss him, and I
know if I start talking to him again he will get the
impression that I want him back and I dont want that. I
just want an online thing, the less contact we have, is
better. I think?? I mean I miss him, atleast more the
attention form a guy, than him in paticular. but i refuse
to settle for him, just because, he claims he "loved me".
How is that possible? I dont see it. I am just really
confused about what I should so. Seek him out once more, or
just move on?? Have ne suggestions?

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