2004-01-19 04:40:47 (UTC)

Moses' Canaanite Spy

Out to dinner for a birthday celebration at the one place
that describes me most: The Trail Dust. Live Band.
Chicken Fried Steak. Country Dancing. I'm in
heaven. "Get what you want," I said. And he did.
Steak. Rare. After our bellies were stuffed, off to
botanical gardens in Grapevine. He'll look forever at a
single leaf and think it's the most amazing thing God ever
created. "What now?" he asked. I busted out some Brad
Paisley, let it play in my car while I showed him how to
two-step. Wow, we suck. If anything, I got a good laugh
out of it though. After a nice trip to the lake, back to
his car we went. We had a and then he
had to "take care of some business." His last
words: "This was the best birthday I've ever had."
Dadgum, I'm good.