blah blah blah blah
2004-01-19 04:37:20 (UTC)


Theres nothing else I can do. He doesn't listen, and when
it's time for him to speak- he says nothing. When I ask
him if he remembers-he doesn't. He says he loves me, but
how many loves of his have failed? He says I'm special,
and that he wants to marry me, but how many other special
girls did he want to marry? He doesn't tell me what he
wants, but when I tell him what I want he calls me
demanding. Why does he think that everyone is out to get
him? Why does he feel the need to constantly defend
himself? I've never tried to hurt him and I never would.
He makes me cry too often. He doesn't care how I feel,
just as long as he proves his point. He doesn't like to
put effort into things. He says I'm trying to change
him. If that is true, then give me back my hat you
stopped wearing your bandana for. And give your
grandfather back the money you borrowed when YOU decided
to get your hair cut. I told you a thousand times that I
loved you the way you are. You changed yourself. He
hangs up on me. He leaves me alone without saying
goodbye. I make him dinner just in case he's hungry later
and he is convinced that I make him eat when he's not
hungry. I am good to him. He doesn't seem to notice.
I've put so much effort into this relationship. I tried.
I took as much as I could take. I can't cry anymore. He
doesn't care anyway. I feel like the girl of the moment.

I love him so much. I don't know what to do. I cant say
anything to him because he's not there.