Too Much to Say
2004-01-19 04:10:18 (UTC)

did i say that?

did i say something about no more random making out?
what was i thinking? new resolution, no more making out
with the wrong guys. i had the most surprisingly awesome
weekend. first of all i get invited to this party last
minute, which is always exciting. one of the best things
about parties is just getting ready. i think Pink said
that. it's true.
anyways, so i'm ready to go. we get there and for
some reason i'm not as interested in the guy i came for.
and i guess he was being a bit stand-offish, making it too
hard. but there's this other guy, the seemingly "nice
boy" of the bunch. more the dateable type. so to make a
long story short, i hook up with this guy and he's
INCREDIBLE! i even kind of want to use the
word "passionate." who would've known? totally shocked
the hell out of me. way to go dude.

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