A Day in the Life of Me
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2004-01-19 02:44:02 (UTC)

sorry i have't writtin in a while

Hello, im sorry about not writting i have been very lazy
lately, sleeping a lot, watching tv. you know.
Well i have cutt off all the peopel that make me feel bad
about myself and i have had the best weekend in a long
time. Friday i went out to brunch and got a hair cut. Then
that night i went out with jenna bethany and shel and had a
great time. Then on saturday i went to the mall with jeena
and bethanya nd bought some 60 dollar pants i have never
spent taht much money on pants in my life. Then we went
over to jennas and ordered a pizza and watched tv, untill
shel and her date for the night tom came over and i left
with them and we got a movie and went to shels house. We
watched Just Married and laughed so much, i have not
laughed taht much in so long, I think its becasue tom is
extremely funny. i had so much fun. i love good weekends
well i will talk to you later.