The twisted thoughts of me
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2004-01-19 01:24:58 (UTC)


yes i know....boys are all i think of...well not really. i
think of animals and books and music and friends and family
and school and most inportant...TOM!!! hehehehehe i guess
that would fall under boys wouldnt it..owell. lets see i
still havent got a clue about the one i said i thought i
liked. well the more i think about him...the more i think i
like him..and the more i think i like him the more i like
him....does that make any sense???? i ever make and it never stopes me..i want to die...i really
do . i cant take life anymore. schools a bitch! parents
fight all the time. people always talking bad bout me. i
dont think any of my friends really like me . im so so so
sick of it all . i dont want to be here anymore. it was fun
while it lasted. but its not anymore. whats the point of
living anyways. you go to school for like seven hours of
the day, you get home and do homework, then you do chores
and then in my case you cut then you go to bed. then its
starts all over again. i see no point in it...none at all.