Renee A

He's The Answer To My Prayers
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2004-01-19 00:43:51 (UTC)


Im stuck in the middle. I love Kevin but I dont get
to see him this break. He is so sweet and caring. SOme
reason I feel like he has told me alot about him and his
life. I dont know maybe its just me.
He knows so much about me. I had a secrit that I had
kept inside me seince 7th grade and I finaly told him. He
has made me not so nervous about doing things. Like I
always say he is my first and the one I want to be my last.
He is my baby, I care so much about him. I couldnt
hurt him just knowing something is wrong hurts me alot. I
have never felt this way about anyother person in my
life. Sometimes I think were would I be if it wasnt for
Kevin? I know I would at more parties. All I know is
that Im happy with him.
I cant wait for him to be able to drive or at least
till he can come and see me. I love every min. Im with
him. He can always put a smile on my face. I love
looking at him but I think it scares him. Well I know it

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