2004-01-19 00:26:13 (UTC)

Shit Hole

Yup.. .my like is offically a shit hole... thursday nite
was one hell of a nite. First off, kyle broke up with
me... for some gay reason of he didn't want to hurt me.
yea after i confessed how much i liked him, breaking up
with me was the best? makes tons of sense when breaking up
w/ me hurt me more than anything. and then to top shit off,
tim called and told me to "fucking rot in hell you fucking
bitch" so yea. i love my life. so anyway, i was drug out
of my house the past 2 nites to do shit bc brett and emily
didn't want me to sit at home on a 3 day weekend crying
everynite. so friday nite we went to the movies and saw
along came polly, that movie was funny, but i had to force
myself to laugh bc i cant get shit out of my head and its
all i fucking think about... grrr... then last nite we went
midnite bowling with matt, robby, michael, andy, matts
sister, cassie, 5 people i didn't know (friends of bretts),
carlos, jake, brett, josh, em, and me... it was ok, it was
like a quick "high" kinda thing thou, because i had fun
while i was there but as soon as i got home i was sad as
shit, once again. but yea... im done writing for now bc im
talking to him and im pissed and really emotional and
crying, i dont want to deal w/ this

PS.. i just re-read this entry, and im going to add
something to it bc i have that power bc its MY journal..
well a few entries ago i said i only had two good things in
my life, my best friend, and my boyfriend... well guys, im
down to one good thing in my life. So, to my "bestest
friend in the wholest widest world" thanks for being there
for me, thanks for letting me call you at 2 on a school
nite crying about who knows what, and just thanks for
accepting me for exactley who i am. Even thou you know i
tell "secrets" (which consist of me making fun of myself),
even thou i complain about my butt hurting, and those
occasional times of complaining about my knee (ow, ow, ow,
ow, over and over again going up steps, lol), and how i can
be a bitch sometimes but you understand! i have the bestest
friend in the whole world!