Dave's Mental Meanderings
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2004-01-18 23:51:36 (UTC)

Poem - "Time to Move On"

This evening finds me sitting alone
With a cup of coffee in hand,
My muse is on call but I stare at the wall
And rethink the words that he planned.
In an hour or so I’ll light up and go
And drive around town for a while,
Or read, if I want, at my hometown haunt
A book that will bring me a smile.
Then I’ll tie some loose ends with a few good old friends
And shoot a few games of pool,
Some beers from the bar for these boisterous boys,
And we all know we’re so damn cool.
One last lazy lackluster night
Where for eight months now I’ve been hiding,
But I’m rested and fed as the fellow once said
And it’s high time now I get riding.
I’ve been back for two days to catch a few rays
As they melt the midwinter snow,
The unseasonable heat reflects off the street
That I left not a fortnight ago.
One last shot at redemption I had
And I passed with flying colors,
But now when I stand in front of the mirror,
My reflection seems a bit duller.
My innocent shame overshadows the game
That I wouldn’t have wanted to win
Had I known it would end just around the road’s bend
From starting all over again.
Despite my fear it comes through so clear
That I’m right where I wanted to be,
Having the choice to make heard my voice
Just seems to foreign to me.
So long was I locked in longing pursuit
That I thought I might never stop,
But I made the best of a bad situation
And came way the hell out on top.
I’ve bided my time and sharpened my rhyme
And put miles between me and my troubles,
But I now must return to the scene of the crime
Before the body count doubles.
Decisions undoubtedly have to be made
As I face the bright early dawn,
But I’ve paid for the past and now at long last
It is truly time to move on.