The twisted thoughts of me
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2004-01-18 20:59:39 (UTC)


omg!!!! do they ever stop fighting,no!!! why would they
bother careing about the well being of any1 else or there
feelings. some people like to sleep at night ....not them ,
they like to fight....oh and throw things so other people
can be up at all hours of the night. Do they bother to care
that they are makeing my life a living hell. i cant stand
to be in the house...but at the same i cant stand leaving
cuz im scared they r gonna kill each other or light the
house on clue where the fire thing came from...i
think its quite funny i have to babysit my own parents all
the time....owell. i really dont care too much anymore.
hmmmmmm....i need a new subject.....
lets see...boys are always on my mind but i cant speak of
them right now or i will loose my mind!!! boys are
stupid..they have no idea how much pain they can cause