2004-01-18 20:22:24 (UTC)

blah blah blah.


im eating fish and grapes.

im getting a whole lot of nothing done today. and this
whole weekend actually.

this morning i looked at cars and houses. only houses in
orlando though, not jax or tallahassee yet. i think those
are my only three choices, as far as staying in florida.
and im almost positive i'm staying in florida for two more
years. but i dont know where in florida.

i have homework to do and i have to pick up my glasses, i
need a new bra. but im just kinda sitting here. ive been
doing that a lot lately and its driving me insane. i hate
doing nothing. i hate sitting around with my back hurting
thinking about stupid shit.

im wearing white underwear, thats really funny. i havent
worn white in years.

my back hurts so bad i slept with a heating pad on it and
it didnt help. im going to the doctor tomorrow.

i wish tomorrow was a school day instead of a work day. i
like them both but i like school more.

i know she wont leave. cus carolines not a bitch. and
everything will stay the same. including for me.


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