Denika's CraZY Life
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2004-01-18 19:23:38 (UTC)

Whats happening now!

Wow, Yeah! I reaqlly think that I am going to be one
again. I feel like a new person. Starting fresh, living
without sectrects or false faces. I am no longer going to be
pleasant JUST to be pleasant. I am going to be Frank, and
honest to everyone about my true feelings. Now and forever.
I get sick sometimes thinking about how many times I have
crushed my own feelings just to spare someones elses. Not
any longer! Muhahahahhaha!

To day is CLEANING day! yay.. Can you note the sarcasim.

John Klassen. Hehe. Again. Im in love. I am very sure of it
anyway. I dont understand everything thats happening, its so
fast, but so0o0o normal. It is so strange. Anywho0o0o, I may
write later, i juts wanted to kill some time.

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