Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2004-01-18 18:51:17 (UTC)

It's my Life

I am going to play bass in church tonight and I am
excited. I am hoping in being involved more in church and
with Christ that i will grow more. And I hope I can help
others grow more too.
other than that I am trying to get ready to move into my
new apartment next weekend. Which I heard is a HUGE dump.
But I don't care.
Why is money always the problem with me and my band. I
need a bed, I need a desk, I need a VCR/DVD player, I need
a Car, I need an electric guitar, and an amp. the band
needs new merch, a new CD, a new website, new pictures, a
trailer, and a van. And even then we need a record label
and a booking agent.
Life is just setting and meeting goals. And I am quite
sure there will never be a point where all my goals are
met and I am satisfied.
I went to a Hockey game Friday and I got to prove Shaunna
wrong. Hockey= fun...period. But yeah as you can see I
love Hockey. And well, we lost. OK I must go to eat,
exercise, shower, and dress so I can leave and do what i
need to.
CD - Phantom Planet / Phantom Planet - ok this album was a
grower. But as soon as I saw through the noise I saw well
written 3 min pop songs wit great vocals and alot of
noise...I recomend...and atleast give it 3 listens before
saying no
Book - The little white bird / J.M. Barrie - can't really
describe but quite good .(it's the first book with peter
pan in it) Lullaby / Chuck Palahniuk - very suspensful I
am kinda reading this one slow though
Movie - Count of Monte Cristo - this one suprised me and
ended up being quite good