Ashley's thoughts
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2004-01-18 16:34:25 (UTC)


yea i know its the same day but im bored and i really need
to vent about cheerleading. OMG I HATE CHEERLEADING!
especially competition cheerleading because its stupid.
Mcghee favors all of the tumblers!! its not fair! maybe
i'll just quit and see what she says about it. She prolly
won't care at all. You know what else i hate? She makes
the center part ( the part that dances while the tumblers
tumble) do out part for the umblers a bunch of times and
doesnt make the tumblers tumble ever! thats not cool at
all. okay i just had to vent 4 a while so now im better.
I'll write 2morrow or sumthin


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