Ashley's thoughts
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2004-01-18 16:03:09 (UTC)


We had exams last week and i did pretty well on all of
them! I got a 98% in science and Language Arts. I also
got a 102 in Spanish (just because of extra credit!) and i
find out what i got in math and social studies on
tuesday! I think i flunked social studies but oh well.
Even though exams were hard, exam week was awesome!
We didn't have to do any work in any other class AND we
get a four day weekend! So far this weekend i havent done
a lot. On Thursday, I went to the 8th grade girls bball
game. Sadly they lost. Then, on Friday night, me,
kristin, meghan, linde,jill, annd kayla all went to see
Along Came Polly. THAT WAS A HILARIOUS MOVIE!! hey guys,
I SHARTED! I tried to fart and a little bit of shit came
On Saturday morning, I had cheerleading at 9! :(
Afterwards though, I went to the mall with meghan, linde,
and kelly. It was fun. Now, todays Sunday and I just
woke up so I havent done anything yet. I think today I'm
gonna lay around and sleep until cheerleading at 5. By
the way, speaking of cheerleading, OUR COMPETITION IS
FEBRUARY 1!!! Everybody better come and support us!
Alright, now im gonna go take a shower and get ready to
sleep the entire day!


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