Thoughts arrive like butterflies
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2004-01-18 12:41:00 (UTC)


Lastnight I was loking after Lilly and Molly and they have
film chamnnels :) I watched the mothman prophecies which
was quite good. It's not scary at all, like Emily told me
to was. Then I watched Pearl Harbour-haha. That film is so
shit. what a waste of....however many hours of my life. The
man with the stammer from trainspotting is hilarous though.
I couldn't help my self cheering on the Japs once I
remembered that Ben Afflek was in it.

For fucks sake...I was babysitting lastnight and asked my
mum to record a film. I said "Are you sure you know how to
record it?" and she said yes, so I said "How then?" 'cos I
was sure she didn't so she said "you press record" I said
no talked her through it, said do you want me to write it
down? She said no, she knew how so I left and went to
babysit. I cme back his morning and my dad said it hasn't
recorded because she didn't know how to work it!! Ah, it
might not sound annoying but it is. I usually go with if u
want somehitng doing do it yourself but I thought that I
should maybe give my mum a chance-and she ruined it. It's
not the first time. Everytime I ask her to record something
she does it wrong.