Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
2004-01-18 09:16:46 (UTC)

nite out wit da gurlz

so tonite was a great nite wit my gurlz..well actually a
breat day all last nite i was in chrissys
room all nite..we put a guy collage on her door and
watched tv and talked and stuff it was fun...then this
mornin i woke up at like 10 and we went wit drea bryan
chrissy me and cheryl to wind gap...where drea and bryan
are from..we went to bryans house then we went to some kid
ricks house but he was sleepin and we left b4 he woke up
lol..they were talkin to his mom then we went to
detzi's restaurant and i had some good chicken and onion
rings lol..i still have yet to had red meat which i think
is good for me..then we went to drea's or maybe that was
before we ate lol cant ya then we went to
bryans again and played reminded me of kenny ya then their friend justin came them we came bak
to esu to nap b4 the nite ya lately kelly is on
the phone wit the dell ppl everyday cuz she keeps fukin up
her computer ya took a nap then drea and chrissy
came down to look for some clothing..kelly disappeared in
between ya we got ready in chrissy and dreas
room and chrissy looked like she could go clubbin in ya we went to bryans room after to meet up wit
every1 that was goin chrissy melissa and jen went
wit the RA barry...and me drea cheryl erin katie and jermy
walked in the first group..we got there like 10 and it was
a descent amount of ppl...but then around 1030 it got
ridiculous..i mean u could not move at all!! was crazy
so ya we were dancin and lauren kier katey and barb were
there but they left pretty early..cheryl got mad at me and
got pissed about all the ppl..chrissy danced wit 2
guyz..she was on a it was a pretty great
nite..chrissys friend charlie was gonna drive us bak but
he wasnt leavin til 2 and the music got really bad at like we left wit bryan and all them..cheryl drea and
erin left early cuz erin was sick or something..chrissy
didnt have a jacket cuz she came in a car so i gave her my
sweater and i was cold so this kid derek gave me his shirt
lol..hes paste eater tho soo...then we were in bryans room
for a while then we came bak and went to chrissy and
played the 90's game til liek kelly got pissed we
didnt invite her so shes tryin to be kewl by sleepin down
the hall wit nichole...ohh well room to myself
out later