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2004-01-18 06:36:02 (UTC)

Where are you...

Or, better yet...where am I? Is this a dream? Am I actually
feeling for someone that is not mine? Ya. That would be
atypical...or would it? Someone has entered my life on
what seems like a non-stop flight to into my mynd.

But, what is he doing here? He's here in my mynd,
partially, buy what am I supposed to do with him and these
thoughts that have added a calm to my storm? My style is
not to impose or better yet "interfere" in the dynamics of
a family...but I feel ease, naturally.

I'm missing someone who's not mine. What's wrong with me?
Why has he come and how is he giving me just what I
need...with words, with a voice, with a place all "our"
own. I haven't even felt his touch. And will I? How could
I? How can I not?

Where are you? Where am I? What is this place? Am I
delusional? I can't be. That's one of them 'labels' 'crazy
people' (another label) have. My intuition isn't giving me
the signals to back away...instead, my insides are drawn to
his vibe...I await the presence he his my
calming pill. My passion pill. My sugar pill.

What's this place? I've never been here before. Who is this
man? I never met one before...

"Every End is Just a Beginning"... this really so...can this really be happening?

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