Baby Doll

'Tha Blonde Goddess'
2004-01-18 05:55:53 (UTC)


y is it that many songs make you think of someone in your
y is it that music can change your mood?
y is it that the one person in life you want above all is
the one person you cant have for some reason or another?
y is it that you can brighten someones day with a smile
and bring storm clouds on another with a frown?
y is that everyone wants to be popular and are willing to
give up their individuality for it?
y is FCAT so important?
y is life so confusing?
y does everyone say the exact opposite of what you want to
y do people cry?
y do people ignore?
y do we treat others like dirt?
y is it that most angels on earth dont know that they are
y are younger siblings and cousins so annoying?
y is it that when your young 'sorry' fixes everything but
when you get older it means dirt?
y do people always say 'god has a bigger plan in mind'?
y do people believe in religion?
y do judges get paid more then the teachers do?
y are the lives of celebrities more important then your
next door neighbors?
y is it that whne our grandparents were kids they knew
everyone in a 10 mile radius of them and now we barely
know our next door neighbor?
y is it that your best friends with someone one day and
enimies the next or vise versa?
y is it that men are more open about sex then gurls?
y are girls so scared of sex?
y do governments fight?
y are gay people so hated?
y do schools have 0 tolerence for anything?
y cant everyone just get along?

hey ppl....this is just all the questions going through my
mind right Nikkie