of little importance
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2004-01-18 01:53:26 (UTC)

my beautiful robe

do what you can to bring her down
build her up then turn around
turn your back avert your eyes
she buries herself it's no surprise

tell me again what i'm supposed to say
was there something you wanted to hear
well i'd rather speak the truth and lose you
than to just appease your ear

the sin of all sins
between friends
i'll scratch your back
while you stab mine

she understands now why she should be afraid
through everything you did

but you're the one who caused this pain
you're who made me hurt
you're the reason i don't trust
you're who walked on me like dirt

please change my way of thinking
please change my point of view
please change my refusal to trust anyone
please change my view of you

your reputation preceeds you
her past it haunts you too
at least this way you'll never disappoint her
you'll only do what she expected you to