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2004-01-18 01:33:38 (UTC)

life is goin as good as it gets...

yea, so if you read the title then i'm sure you can guess
how imma doin...life like i sad is going pretty well...notta
lotta happenin...but i guess i'm not a MOVIE STAR or
anything..haha...altho one thing keeps stickin out in mind
lately: the fact that i dont have a boyfriend...it's
driving me NUTS!!! i mean i know i'm not like the ONLY One
who doesn't have one...but still..i can't stand sitting
around here EVERY WEEKEND knowing that i can't just call
that ONE SPECIAL person up and say "hey, let's do something"
i mean sure, i could call a friend...but in highschool, its
just not the same anymore...& besides, a lot of my friends
have OTHER friends that they seem to do stuff with anyway..
heh...but see there are 3 guys that i have been majorly
crushing on lately...but see they all seem to have some
sort of reasoning with them that causes me to think twice...
ok 1st you have cory grimes...he is just the cutest thing
ever! & he's sooo sweet! i love him to death!!! But see i
have every period with IN A ROW excpet for 1st, 2nd & 7th..
(which is soon to be just 1st & 2nd once gym starts)..&
it's like just the friends we are now, i LOVE seeing him
this much during the day..but i just ave the feelign that
seeing that often as a boyfriend would definately lead to
some sort of tention...i mean maybe it wouldn't, who knows,
but for some reason i think it would..it's like that
whole "if you spend too much time with friend, then you end
up hating eachother & getting into tons of little fights" i
dont know...who knows..but anyway bcos of all this i dont
really allow myself to like him any stronger than thinking
he's just cute. ok 2nd there's donnie slack!..he's just the
biggest stud too! man that kid has a nice body AND a nice
ass!!!!! woohoo! but yea...theonly reason i feel resentment
towards liking him is bcos he recently broke up with my
good friend amy..& even tho she knows i like him, im afraid
she'd be upset...who knows tho...i just know i REALLY LIKE
DONNIE!!!....and then last we have chris jones...now i have
liked this kid for a WHILE...and we went out once (for a
DAY..haha) but yea i still like him..& obviously the only
reason i cant like him ALOT is cos he's got a girlfriend..
so that pretty much sums him up....yea..so i have only
really one guy (donnie) that im crushin on...but i dont
know where that'll go..& i mean i flirt with him alot..so i
dont know what to think..i just play...& we'll see where it
goes..but like i aid..life is goin pretty smoothly, just
the bf thing thats botherin me...ttyl

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