listen to my silences
2004-01-18 01:19:12 (UTC)

finding your way

trying to find your way
despite the trials of everyday
you go forward and then forget
if you've been here before
you turn your back on pain
and walk backwards for awhile
now you're lost in your midst
fog of confusion desertion destruction desolation
where's the sunshine now
blinded by the painful results
of things that should never hurt
defend your choices to others
and find yourself defending them to you
all you want is to be going forward again
but you forgot which way it is
seems like everyone's leading you
in the wrong direction
as if they're lost too
and you tire of being used
i can't heal you
only you can do that
but i'll try damn hard
do whatever i can
i won't take you the wrong way
i'm not going to pull you anywhere
but i will walk beside you
wherever you go
those who lead will leave
those who follow get lost
those who walk alone will falter
those who walk together will live
i'll walk beside you if you want
and even when you don't i'll be there

final thought: they don't want to build you up, they just
like to see you fall