listen to my silences
2004-01-18 01:10:54 (UTC)

so many memories...

i finally have my room all put together. in moving, i
found all kinds of quotes and poems that i never did
anything with. so...i figured i'd put them on here. just
so that i can throw all those little pieces of paper away
since i'll have finally done something with them.

don't let fear of falling hold you down.

she's just a generous thief.

you only have yourself to answer to.

these four are for jamie:
gymnastics are like dog tricks for humans.
i'd run out of holes!
doors are dominant too.
if you're going to be different, be different all the way.

if your standards aren't higher than everyone else's, then
you can never really succeed.

the most important moments occur between planned events.

don't just answer the questions, question the answers.

you can't understand someone if you don't want to.

that lie would have shown up on a black sock.

you can't always be there for me anymore, because now
you've got someone else to be there for.

i've been pissing you off for years, why would i stop now?

i've realized that in pretending to be okay, i'm becoming

and not only can you not tell me the truth, but you lie to
everyone else too - everyone else who doesn't even care.

final thought: reach for me, breath of god, hold me close
and don't let me fall...