2004-01-17 23:40:03 (UTC)

boyfriends and friends

this is goingto sound terrible.

and if any of my friends are sneaking a peak at this,
please stop reading..

i really want terrible things to happen to my friends with
boyfriends. truly terrible things. i want them to catch
them cheating red handed, and somehow find out how many
times they have cheated. i want them to feel stupid for
being so trusting and selfless. i want them to find out
their boyfriend never, ever would have considered dating
them had they looked the way they did six months earlier. i
want terrible things to happen and i want them to hurt very
badly. and i want to say i told you so, you fucking idiot.

i dont know. at all. whator why this is.
friends/boyfriends, and the total lack of the fulfillment
of both.

do they realize their entire weekend revolves around what
the guy wants to do? that your desires become his desires?
what the fuck is this? i hate women. i hate men. i fucking
hate everyone.

and the one person, best friend, who was supposed to stick
by me, now HATES me, cause shes got her whiney little needy
man and she gets laid all the time and HEY, WHAT THE FUCK