Nick's Journal
2004-01-17 20:29:49 (UTC)

The "Real" World is an insult to my why do I watch it?

the world is a crock of shit. not only have they gone too
far in their blatant stereotypes but they have basically
taken our sense of what is good entertainment and stamped
it into a mushy puddle of revenue. but the mystery
prevails of why i (and you) watch it? i mean what in
christ's name would compel me to watch this show. what i
hate about it is not just their blatant stereotypes,
ludicruous manipulations, and crass characters who cater
to every whim of fame that they can possibly grasp on to,
but really how the producers are pretty much like heroin
dealers. they know that we as an audience are hooked on
people, i mean just think about what you talk about with
your it some political event? some
philosophical doctrine? more than likely it's some mutual
person over whom you "don't gossip, but just talk about".
so i say, an orgy for a road-trip? why the fuck not!
people crying for no stupid reasons and then getting naked
and fucking each other and any barnyard animal insight?
why not!
anyhow, right now i'm watching the newlyweds and yes i do
like that show. ok ok i also got a professional massage,
does that make me a metrosexual? anyhow, juliann got me a
massage for our 2 year anniversary, I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!
ha, who'd have thought someone could stay with my austrian
ass for more than 3 months right? and i took it. and boy
was it sweet. i'm so glad it was a chick though that did
it. i mean don't get me wrong, she wasn't hot at all, but
my dick still moved (juliann already knows this), it
really can't help it, it's just when a female goes to town
on you, your dick is like a groggy drunk who's
like, "who's that sucking my dick?" ha........yeah. so it
was so nice. anyhow the newlyweds reminds me a lot of our
relationship, not cos she's a spoiled bitch, but because,
not only is she hotter than jessica simpson, but they
actually show the real life "problems" of a relationship.
just those little nuances. anyhow, too long. too much
reality. time to go hang out with the family!