taking heed

slightly exaggerated
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2004-01-17 18:26:19 (UTC)

I'm always misplacing things...

What a friggin' surprise. seventeen goddamn days into the
new year and my resolution remains small and shriveled. Oh
sure, I'm having a good time. I mnean, I don't think I
could write a more happy frappy entry than the one last
friday. I must have been really hopped on something. But
Anyways, my balls are still non friggin' existent. I was
probably a fool to try and make such a bold goal. I can't
change myself magically from my sheepish state by simply
wishing on a damn star. Was I drunk? Yes I was. Wishing on
stars is for idiots. I am no idiot. But seriously, I have
got to be the most inept person at like creating an
enivroment conducive to playful touching, and banter, and
flirting. Like, I know I'm on the fence with the whole
issue of the new girl. But I mean, only after i ripped
through the 3 glasses of beer, after three bottles did I
start to let the good times flow. and that my friends is
not cool. So it comes down to these two obvious choices.
Live my life in a perpetual state of drunkedness and risk
being really cool in the trailor trash sense of the word.
Or get myself on Zoloft ASAP but risk becoming a cardboard
cut-out of my former neurotic, but occassionally witty,
self. But there is another possible reason for my impotence
last night. Mmmhmmm, I can't just drop things somewhere and
get back on the horse, who am I kidding. So perhaps the
verdict on the calibre of my balls is still out there and
I'm just searching for the rightt moment to display their
tremendous gerth and what not.