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2004-01-17 13:48:58 (UTC)

Another friday without Adam

School was school. nothing exciting about that. I came
home and ate a Digorno pizza...yum yum. but as soon i put
the plate down Adam's mom called to invite me to Sonny's
(my all time favorite restaurant) with her and the family.
but i had to pass because i had just eaten. so i went over
to their house at like 7pm when they got back from dinner.
i hung out until about 9...just talking and stuff. i went
into Adam's almost made me cry. i miss him so
much. when i got home i was so tired so i got in bed and
watched Hope & Faith. that show is so funny. then at like
10pm guess who called!!!! YEP YOU GUESSED IT!...ADAM!!! i
was soooo happy. he said that they were back in the
barracks so he could get ahold of cell phones and he can
call me a lot more now. i'm so happy. i dont know when i'm
going to see him again but i hope it's soon. i miss him...i
need him.

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