2004-01-17 05:25:38 (UTC)

at : you: I : have : the : world

Things change.
Such an obvious statement, so why does it so often take us
by surprise?
Do we deny it until we are forced to acknowledge it?
Or are we really caught unaware?
Does that part really even matter?

Because it doesn't change how things are.

And I'm not even sure I would want to change how things
- I read that in a diary and thought it was pretty cool-

Geez. My knees don't shake when I'm around you. at least
not face to face. more like when I look back on the time
spent simply "hanging out". I dont
feel like I'm going to pass out, but I feel something ..
deeper? .. and I dont know.. something more lasting, more
real somehow with you.
with you with you with you with you with you

I want to write that in the sand I want it streamed across
the sky.

Life is so random and yet completely with a purpose in
selection. What if I had never met you? I don't even want
to think of that, because you personally have made my life
so much better.. I tried to define it better and i just..
can't. I dont know if you know how much you mean to me,
because, well, I can't even say how much you mean to me. I
can only try to show you. I know I'm clumsy and scared
with that sometimes, but you open me up. I really do act
so bold around you sometimes it surprises me and I like

I would not consider myself a game-player, but I am. I
play so many games with you just to get close, because I
want so much for that and for your arms to be around me..
and well.. that's successful then.

I like things simple too.
Well, I do like them complicated and serious as well.
I guess that must mean I just like you.

I dont know how you see me. Oh, sometimes looking straight
at you I have the world figured out. And I like what I'm
Then I dont have a clue and have no idea what to do with
myself. or you.
Then somehow you make it easy again.
You know me.

I mean you truly know me.

So you must know what I feel.
If this is a consent I'm content with it.
It's not that I'm asking for more.
I'm not even asking for anything.
I like what I've got.