Adam's girl

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2004-01-16 21:00:01 (UTC)

Of course he's not here

i'm so stupid. well Adam is done with this
he has to go to California on Sunday. well that's a whole 2
days that he won't be doing anything. so today in school i
was thinking about how cool it would be if he got to come
home for those 2 days. (of course that won't happen) well i
drove by his house on the way home today (i always do) and
his truck wasn't in the yard. so i got so excited and
started thinking how awesome it would be if i pulled into
my yard and Adam was sitting there. well the rest of the
way home i kept thinking how cool that would be if he was
at my house but i also kept telling myself that he
definitely wont be there. well of course i listened more
to "he might be there". so when i got home...NO he wasn't
there...DUH. so then i sat there and cried. i have a 3 day
weekend but no one to spend it with.
my advice is ...dont ever fall in love with someone in the's cool and all but it's torture!