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2004-01-16 15:18:38 (UTC)

A new year and a Fresh beginning.. Hauntings of the past

Yay! Im back in Halifax. But.. before I left from Sussex
I had a rekindling of a flame. sorta. I went out with John
Klassen. It was four years since the last I had spoke to
him. We were together for a year and a half before. He has
changed. A lot. Not physically, but... everything. I dont
know how to explain it. It was wierd because I felt like we
hadn't even missed any time what so ever. It was nice to
kiss him. I dont know how I fell. He was the firts guy I
was ever in love with. True love. Young love... but true
none the less.
It felt as if I was dancing with him in my bedroom all
over again. I said I love you. It ws so easy. I dont know
how I feel right now, I am mixed up. It was true when I
said it. But can it be true? Im not sure..

On a different topic, I have called my father. I dont
know why. It picked up the phone and talked. It was
strange.. I told him veryhting that I felt. He had crossed
the line so many times and yet I am still so very
forgiving. I think I am too nice sometimes. Its hard being
one of the only supports that you have.

School is going well. Its always good. I love the poeple
here. Savannah and Mark, Eric,Chuck, Maggio, Craig. Awsome
people, I love them. We always have a lot of fun, joking
around.. goofing off, but great debates!

I have been having disturbing dreams as of late, of nan,
krista... *sigh* its bad. Oh well. I think its everything
thats going on. Lots of stress. yes..Lots of stress.

Anyway, i have to get backto class now:P time is money

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