DiNaH says...
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2004-01-16 11:51:05 (UTC)

i'm not really sure

i had dreams about this guy, we had this intimate
understanding, but there was nothing going on between us.
well, it's really ordinary... but the guy in my dream...
well, it had me thinking for days and wondering why he was
there in my subconscious mind, i believe is no coincidence.
as they say, everything happens for a reason.

up to now, i still can't figure out why. although acel told
me that maybe i was falling for him but i wasn't aware of
it until now, and that maybe he secretly does, too. but
then, he has someone special already. i know he loves her
so... he told that... he even humbly admitted that he
doesn't wanna lose someone special again.

so, this guy...
he's nice, he's funny, he's fun to be with. we've been
close for only a few months, but we've known each other
since kindergarten. he really is a nice guy. and heck, i'm
describing him as if he's my boyfriend or potential bf!

my goodness gracious! it this what acel was telling about?!
oh no! i feel ashamed, kakahiya talaga sa kanya! i'm not
supposed to fall for him... but he's too near... too close

i don't wanna ruin whatever we have right now. we're close
like siblings. we treat each other as family. he sleeps
under my bed, for heaven's sake! he's my padmate!

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