*~*Random Craziness*~*
2004-01-16 06:42:40 (UTC)

My eyes are tired

Well helloooooooooooo its 1:23am and I figured I'd catch
you up on my day's events.
I went to work from 3-9pm and it was sooo slow.. nobody
came in from 6:49-9pm.. crazy! So after lindsay left I got
Lisa to fix my hair.. and its sooo much better now! Me and
Lisa had a pretty fun conversation passing the 2 hours by.
I feel closer to her now.. shes fun! We're gonna party one
night, me her and lindsay, perhaps next saturday. Oh that
wil be wild times.
SO yeah member how the ex was like "hey baby" well then he
came on msn today and decided to apologize for not talking
to me, like it was a wrinkle in my shirt! I was like.. uh..
no need to. Then he was all "hey sexy, talk to me baby" SO
I decided to play and told him that I'm going out with
lindsay on saturday and we put on a pretty good show
dancing haha he's like "oh yeah, I'd like to see that.. you
guys are soo hot" ya ya ya yay a yadda ..
But anywhoo.. yes we are going out saturday, to the Jungle,
AAHH AHHHHHH haha .. tarzan anyone? And Mike is coming
hurrah! SO it'll be Me, Mike, Linds, Jed (her new catch)
some of his palios and Aarone.. I still have to call her
back. it'll be fun.. we said we have to go shopping for bar
shirts, sicne we're running out and don't wanna keep
wearing the same things hehe.
Oh yeah so in a few weeks we're gonna take Mel, (our 19 yr
old engaged, getting married in march) friend for her
bachlorette party, we gonna go to an adult novelty store
and get her a "dare" t-shirt that has a list of dars on it
then she'll have to do throughout the night! Oh god I'll
need to bring a camera! haha
So it'll be short tonight.. kinda hehe I'm sleepy.. so
night! Oh shit! forgot to use my whitestrips for the 2nd
dosage today! DAMN!