more human than human
2004-01-16 06:29:45 (UTC)

please don't pay too much attention to this, it means nothing.


Red liquid slowly forming drips
Around my fading finger tips
Tension slowly slipping by
As I lay here, wondering why
I've done the things I've done in life
The pain starts cutting, or is that the knife...
I really cannot be too sure,
the tears and pain make my vision blur,
I'm just trying to end the pain,
although right now it feels in vain,
My self destructive tendencies
have brought me fallen, begging please
To whatever deities there be
To bring a numbness over me,
I guess this is my last farewell
As the fairies ring my nell,
My head is pounding, like breaking bone,
My greatest fear was to die alone...


Just venting, don't worry.