Jessi Lynn

It's My Life
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2004-01-16 05:59:17 (UTC)


so ya classes have been so so but my speech class is the
funniest cuz its me cheryl lauren and chrissy and we talk
a lot and its like i cant be nervous with them there cuz
its just funny...anyway ive gone to the gym eveyday since
ive been bak..which is like 4 days but still im goin
strong..tonite we did abs but she thought it was a butz n
gutz class so my legs are killin me from the first 5
minutes she didnt kno..crazee huh? i feel unloved..:( i
dunno i got a new cell phone and its like YA NEW PHONE but
i havent gotten a single call from neone yet...and as i
was puttin my numbers in from my old phone i realized that
i dont talk to half the ppl nemore...:( sad number
im so glad to be chillin wit chrissy and i
dunno cheryls got her peeps and i got mine but cheryl
comes to the gym wit us and i dunno i dont even feel as
comforatable around some of them nemore..erin is like the
best but i dunno sometimes i feel like they onlee talk to
me cuz im cheryls twin..whatever i gotz my own girlz.we
are officially the bazooka joes..cauze we were watchin
real world and the guy in bed for some reason said to the
girl..BOOM Bazooka Joe lol and we were thinkin of names
and that was the final got even crazier tho
last nite cuz i was oh so tired..i said niter biter to
christine..i dunno why and she in turn said nutter
butter..then i told drea niter butter..and now cheryl is
nutter biter..i think thats it lol..very ya
and my new thing is luv ya bricks..cuz chrissy said tons
and bricks are more i think so lol..its just funny
craziness here..were goin to a restaurant by drea on sat
and that prolly to KDR..who knows but im jut takin it easy
this semester...specially cuz its sooooo ya

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