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2004-01-16 05:09:22 (UTC)

I Don't Like Her

We just moved here last summer. Her name is Aimee. She lives around the corner. I see her at school and she ignores me. She knows I'm new, bu still won't say hello to me. She probbly thinks she's a big deal b/c she's a sophomore, I'm not yet. So she won't even look at me. I just don't like her.

I saw her dad. He's cute. I watched their house for awhile. I lookedin his bedroom window so I know what he likes in bed. I'm better than her. His dick
is about 11 inches, and she can't even swallow it all. But-fucking, she only takes about half. I knew what to do. I saw Aimee and her mom leave on a saturday a few months ago so I went for it. I wore my fiveinch heels to look older than 13, and white dress. I knocked and he came to the door. I told him my car stalled, and ask him if I could use his phone. He said yes and I made a fake call to AAA. I told him the said it would be about an hour and a half to get here. He sai I could wait there, with him. I automatically told him I was 18 and he believed. I acted lie I liked him. He told a bad joke, butI laughed and walked up to him and said "you make me laugh". I hugged him and kissed me and told him he was cool. I felt his dick gettig bigger, so took a chance and squated down in fro of him. I rubbed his dick thru his pants and said,"I won't tell if you don't tell". I opened his pants like it was a christmas gift, and asked him if I could suck it. He didn't say nothing so I sucked it as good as I could. I told him I needed to be screwed. I think his dick is about a foot long. He fucked me on the couch for abot half an hour. I got off great!

I knew he liked my ass so I offered it to him. I just grinned and beared it and took it all up my ass. When he was preparing to ejaculte, I turned around and took him all he way down my throat.I squeezed his balls and sucked real hard so I could get all the cum.. He invited me back. I still spied in their windows ns say his wife Valerire masturbateing with ba vibrator when no one else was there.
I knocked, she answered in her white robe. I told her my car stalled, and could I use her phone. I told her they said it would be a couple hours. She said I could wait there. I took another chance and went to my knees in frot of her. I put my hands on hr knees, and she seemed receptive. She said,"Get naked Shelbi!". When I got to her pussy, it was soakd. I slurped it up (I do like that!). After she got off, she fisted me, and with her arm up my pussy past her elbow, she liftef me up for kissing. We both got off.

So now I se them around nd always say "HI!". They smile and say "HI" back. Aimee said ske ould wash my scooter. I wonder if she knows what's coming. Ha-Ha.

spencer love

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