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2004-01-16 02:23:15 (UTC)

theres a point in your life..

when you realize who matters, who never did, and who always

i got a lot done today. had to overdraw my account to buy
my books. that kinda sucked, they didnt have any used
books so i had to buy new and i only got 2 of the 4 or 5 i
need.. but i cleaned tetris's cage, cleaned out my car,
went to the post office and finally picked up ashleys
present, what else.. cleaned my desk a little bit.

i saw tammy at school tonight. she said my hairs hot. heh
hehehe. dony is in my psych class again. shes the only
attractive person in all my classes but shes leaning more
toward cool than attractive.

i will like knowing i'll see her twice a week at least.
but its a little distracting having her there. i shouldnt
have asked her before class, i knew i shouldnt and i
succeeded until the last minute. and that fucked
everything up in my mind just like i knew it would.

my fish died. i dont know if i said that already. i was
really sad.

well. i need to start looking at schools and making
decisions. i guess i could get my bachelors at ucf and
then transfer somewhere else. i dont know. the indiana
thing fucked my plans all up and nothing is really working
out in a way to help me make an easy decision. i have a
couple months to decide.

my psych teacher was saying today how he had the authority
to and could put any of us in a psych hospital if he
thought he had reason to. and i was all is he looking at
me while he says this lol. it was scary.

all i want to do is live in a purple house and learn and
live and be in love. no more bullshit and no more hurting.

someone help me. i make bad decisions. i make the wrong
decisions, without fail. im not equipped to deal with any
of this shit. im one of the smartest people i know but
emotionally the stupidest.