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2004-01-15 22:24:00 (UTC)

Confessions of a Dangerous mind

Dear readers.
If you have accidentally stumbled to this page or reading
it out of curiousity ,be warned that the pages that i am
going to write would be meaningless unless u r able to
relate to it with you heart standin in my shoes.This being
my first entry ,i have nothing special to tell you except
to give you a window on whats ahead.I have read some of the
others' diaries and felt it to be a place of reconcilation,
that they seek, to vent out their emotions of distress.To
me ,my life has been one big plan with no complaints.Yes a
BIG plan.I have travelled on roads that none would dare and
climbed walls that only a few would as part of the big
plan.I am not going to use this diary as an entry of my
daily life but as document that would help others to take a
decision if they face the same challenges.Then as any
normal thinker would ask why a diary,the answer is that i
am not exactly sure why,but i am a sort of a person whose
mood swings everyday and so does my writing.I would write
on the various events in my life depending on my mood on
that day.I am sure you there would be as many number of
crap entries as there would be words of wisdom.Hoping to
share my life with the world --MrM

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