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2004-01-15 20:36:13 (UTC)

I want sex!

well i want some sex! (no not with just
anybody...adam..duh!) we didn't get to have very much sex
when he was here over Christmas break because i got the flu
and i would have these crazy cough attacks so that wasn't
very sexy. well we still had sex... it just wasnt as great
as it could've been because i felt horrible. i just want
Adam to come home, take off my clothes and throw me on the
bed. and we'll have the wildest sex we've ever had.oh my
gosh i want it so bad! i go through these "cravings"
(whatever..that's the only word i could think of) where all
i think about is sex...i think about what me and Adam can
do...i think about what we've done...i think about
everything. dang i really really wish Adam could come home!

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