2004-01-15 19:59:37 (UTC)

Michael Jackson

Man, I love grilled cheese sandwhiches...they make me
feel...well...loved. Especially from sonic! Coypu can
vouch for that, haha.

I think I'm gunna get an internet boyfriend and then tell
him we're on a break.

So the first day of my biology class I sit next to a girl
I don't know. She tells me her name is Billie. "Billie?"
I say, "Is your middle name Jean? Haha.." Thinking I had
just told a corny joke to a girl that has probably NEVER
heard THAT one before in her life, she replies with,"Yes,
it is actually." All i was thinking was "?!?!" Woops.
Kinda cool though. I sit next to Billie Jean. Billy Jean
and I are lab partners. Hey Billie Jean, come meet my
friends! Could you pass the salt, Billy Jean? Pretty
sweet action I'd say. She's just a girl that claims that
I am the awesome one.

I'm off to the wonderful world of poly sci...I think I'd
rather have mono...

Oh, and I really don't wanna hear anyone say "I've got the
munchies" Umm..I'm not comfortable with that phrase.