would the world stop spinning
2004-01-15 18:26:20 (UTC)

the stale taste of recycled air....

so we are just trying to be...we aren't dating or seeing
each other and it's going to stay that way. i have this
really odd feeling that i'm going to become very very
nerotic about dating and relationships. it nice to have
someone kissing me,telling me that i'm beautiful.....
suprisingly she's nothing like i thought she'd be.

*i swear that i'm dieing,slowly but it's happening,but if
there is a perfect spring somewhere..... just take me there*

ha,like to admit it or not she likes the emu music, as she
calls it and i love that! bright eyes and the postal
service or the get up kids playing and her beside me at
like 4am ,makes me smile.

i still can't bring myself to call caela. i'm so scared to
hear her voice on the other end of the phone,all it's going
to do is make my heart beat crazy and make me lose half of
all my breath,but she asked me to call her when something
starting happenin and i have to do that before she hears
through beth and kelli or something.more later.........