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2004-01-15 12:17:45 (UTC)


This is how Christmas was, in short terms.
We seept long on Christmas eve (the day) When I woke up,
Tommy said, oh look, Santa had been here!
And there was a big sock to me from "santa"=Tommy! With
lots of my faborite candy and a rose that turns in to
It was such a great start on the day, I`ve never had a
christmas sock before.
We had brekfast, I took two candles on Samuels grave, then
Tommy drove me to deliver Christmas gifts, and we wisited
one of his aunts.
When he came back, we had just enught time to cuddle in the
bed, and then Sata had been there agen, a sock for Tommy!
I had been thinking of giving him it, but Im not used to
that stuff, and didnt know it was supose to come in the
Then he dad to get ready before his cousins came to pick
him up. I had a feeling the day before that he would not
come back, so I told him that if he didnt, please tell me
now so I can give you the gift. But he said he was comming
afther we had our fish.
(They where eating in the afthernoon, we in the evning)
The hours went by without Tommy, I had the dogs for a
while, I tryed to sleep cause I was feeling sick. Then I
got ready and our Christmas evning could begin.

Tommy came when we was having dessert. He was looking verry
handsome. Blac taxitos, blue shirt and dark blue tie. I
dont know why, but I`ve always found blue shirt and tie the
most sexiest!
Then It was time fro pressents. Tommy had alleready warrn
me that I wassnt getting a present as great as last year. I
was a hard person to by gifts to, he wanted to give me
something that I would be happy about, and hoped I wouldnt
be to dissapointed.
I brough him a Timberland sweater, a LacÔme toilette bad
with products in it and a ps2 gave I knew he had been
I got a three hous spa from Tommy, on a beauty clinic in
I love that kinds of stuff, and vas verry happy about it.
Three hous is verry expensive here.

When the day was over we went to bed, the next day was a
quiet day I think, I was vorse, and was scared I would not
make it to the family party the second day of Christmas.
Tommy was supose to come the year before, but then all
those things happend, Samuel died, his mother was drunk the
entire Christmas and we had a fight on the phone...
But he came this year, the perfect date!!
It was nice, but we went home early. I know how exhusting
my family can be, this day was no exeption.

Then we went to his place the next day and satyed there to
new years eve.
He wassnt working that day, we had some truble deciding
where to go and what to do, party with a friend of him or
going to our familys. So I said, you decide, I had the
perfect Christmas, let me give you the perfect new years
We went to a big mall where he lives to by some fire works.
Or.. at leat Tommy was buying, I had those
When we was walking, I suddently heard Tommy say, oh no
from behind me, I looked up, and there was Chris, walking
towards us, we had to pass each other.
He smiled and did a hello with his mounth, with no voise, I
smiled back at him, hoping Tommy would not see it.
Chris had sent me amerry christmas message on my phone, but
I delited it at once, and did never wish him a merry
christmas to.

When we where walking the other way, from with Chris came
from, Tommy sow him agen. He didnt want to pass him agen,
so we changed directon, from straigh forward to left and
out from the mall.
We where going to a store to get in agen, when Tommy said
he`s comming behind us. I tryed to comfort Tommy, tuching
and huging him. Not that he cryed, but I knew that he must
have feelt upset.
Then tryed to get in, but the door was loocked, so
Chris must have understood the whole thing, prehaps he was
done and went to his car. I was laughing, didnt want to,
but could not controll it, that ofcourse made everything
worse for Tommy.

Then we took the buss to his mothers, had dinner there. I
took make up and Emma, we followed her as she was
KapteinSabeltan, a Norwegian pirate. Then we took his
grandmothers car, we had vissited her and she said we could
heve it, and drove to my home.
I got dressed, and we and our neighbours had a lovly
dinner, a Duch tradtion.
Tommy went outside with fireworks all the time, my father
had aslo brugh some, but not much cause he knew our
neighbour always buy a lot. And toughether there was
fireworks for a lot of monny!
It was blowing outside by midnight, cuite windy.
Tommy was so bussi helping with the firework that de didnt
have time to some and stay with me at any pictures. I gave
him a hug and said happy new year!
He was bussy and had to help out with the stupid fireworks
in the stupid wind.
I got upset about it, went inside and wrote Chris a hppy
new year message, and that I was sorry about the
embarrasing scene in the mall, but as he could see, Tommy
didnt like him much.

Me and Tommy have talked about the happy new year thing, he
said he had said it back to ma, and that he was bussy with
the fireworks all the time, because my father as in the
hall, "feeding" it with more everytime ha had fire one, he
gave him another one to fire up. I know thats true, but
still think he should have put aside some time for me.
Well, its things like this that hurs.
Normally I would think, well, its shows that he dont care
about me, and I stil thinks that way, and then remember
that its true. So I get even sader then I was!!

There is more in this love story, things get even more
dramatic than this, so hang out there.