*~*Random Craziness*~*
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2004-01-15 05:26:02 (UTC)

"A Mars bar a day..."

So I was at work today.. finishing my salad.. then starting
on my mars bar (for some reason when I try to eat
healthier, I feel like i should reward myself with
something junk food right after????? doesn't make sense,
only in my tummy) anywhoo.. on the package it said "A Mars
Bar a day, at work rest and play" I was was
that would be a whole lot of mars bar.. so then i thought..
they should write "and you'll turn into a big fatso" after
it.... of course since little things amuse me I busted out
laughing to myself.. then realized what a funny word FATSO
really is HAHAHA! I dunno.. I also think HEAD is a funny
word... not in the sexual way.. ew but just like someone's
HEAD. Here's my head story:
I was cutting some kids hair last week and while I was
combing his hair, I noticed he had a huge pen mark down the
middle of his HEAD. I was like "hey did you write on your
HEAD? You have a pen mark all the way down. we're ya
bored?" then I had to hold on my laugh cus I realized what
an odd situation it was. HEAD!
Right now I have a side pony tail in my hair, it got that
way when me and Mike were wrestling, but I decided to
tighten it and wear it like this.. it's fun. Member the
side ponytails when you were little, those were SO IN
STYLE! Geez the things that were instyle.

Ew the ex bf just came on msn... wonder what conversation
we'll strike up. I'm always tempted to talk to him for some
reason, I think cus he gives me compliments, and i love the
fact that he's still so bitter after I went for his ex best
friend after we broke up, that was almost 3 years ago. Hm..
Maybe I'll go say hi...I said "sup" I always say sup to him
as if I'm acting casual instead of just wanting to know how
he's doing, odd... I'm taking out my pony tail, I'm getting
chilly and I want my hair to warm my neck. Oh god my hair,
Ya I checked it over.. its so un even, I love my bestest
friend, but goodness this is the second time she's cut my
hair and it hasn't been great, I'll have to get my manager
to fix it tomorrow...
see look at this ex repsonds with "hey baby, sorry but I'm
leaving.." Do I look like his baby? Do I have a soother and
a bib? Must I be called Baby.. ew I hate that, I don't even
want my bf calling me baby, why don't you just start
talking to me like my brain hasn't fully started to
function yet, that's what a baby is. Gimme a diaper and
some apple sauce....

This must be my get things off my chest entry, cus I seem
to be going on and on. If this gets to long, I give you
permission to stop reading, it's ok, I'll live. :)
I wish it would snow when it's warm out, snow is so so so
pretty, but it's too cold to go out and enjoy it. My dog
seems to enjoy it, she eats it and lies about having to go
to the bathroom just to go out and eat the snow, that's
silly, Maggie, you're silly hehe!
SO me and Linds were talking about our 100th episode show
of Fun Times, we think it should be some place tropical, so
next year were gonna go on a trip a sunny destination. I'm
actaully going to New York city in April, that's exciting,
since I'm a canadian and the farthest place outside of this
grand country is chicago, and that was a school trip. But
that's enough for now I say, I bought crest whitestrips, I
hope they work...