~ShIt HaPpEnZ~
2004-01-15 04:14:28 (UTC)

Anorexia or Belimia

Well i just found out that my best friend is belimic. That
really concerns me, and now i feel as though i have
nothing to say to her. I still love her as much as I
always have and stuff, but now it all seems different. I'm
not sure wut do do or say anymore and stuff.
I have seriously consitered becoming anorexic to feel
better about the situation, and ive consitered it b4. I
think starting tomorrow, im gonna do it. The food that i
do eat, i will puke up. Then maybe i can actually have a
grip on something. Im still not sure wut i can do for
erin, but im gonna try to talk to her about it. I DON'T
KNOW WUT TO SAY THOUGH!!! I'm scared out of my mind, and
don;t want to lose her because of this. I'll figure out
something to do. Anywayz, ttyl.