robot talk. bleepity bloop.
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2004-01-15 03:34:44 (UTC)


ultimatly, they like to make everything into a love
story. it is their little way of letting us know that
we're not doing things correctly because if we were,
things would be different, we woulld all be happy.

if this were a movie, the boys with dark hair would all be
locked up. obviously because theyre the ones that break

girls with naturally blonde hair would be put in charge of
wholesome things while girls with blonde hair from a box
would be sent to amsterdam. i wont get into it too much
because im not that kind of girl.

personally, i am not represented in films too often. this
could be good because it may mean that i can do whatever i
want. or it could be bad if it means that i dont exist at
all. then who would clean the bathroom!?

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