The twisted thoughts of me
2004-01-15 03:01:23 (UTC) pimp

well keri and i are all so so so so so happy!!!i
thought we were all gonna get in some big fight.well her
and livv are but thats not my story to tell is it.
ON THE SUBJECT OF BOYS~ i have no clue who i like. owell
not like they would like me back. but i am gonna have a
baby!!! and im married to Ben Goldsmith!!!!hehehe im
married and your not!!!! so so so sleepy. the sleepy
bitch needs to go to sleep . Or maybe not. my mom wants me
to get off line..owell she wants lots of stuff. i pierced
my belly button..but it closed again...
Keri~ girl i love ya..sorry for thinking u ment that stuff.
i know u would never...girl i loive ya so much..we are
twins 4 ever. we are gonna go to the ix this year and go on
the always..
well i g2g writ back 2morrow i me if u need
to talk....cuz im a shrink..hehehe yeah right call me
anyways cuz i love ya and u love me.....sleepy bitch g2g!!!!