The twisted thoughts of me
2004-01-15 02:30:12 (UTC)


Omg!!! I cant believe what is going on. It seems that
every1 is made at some1. I dont dont know why and where all
this came from. it seemed everything was fine.this is how
it all started.
At britty's b-dayparty i had been wearing a
sweater. After a while i had gotten a bit hot, and i had a
cami on under the sweater. So i took the sweater off...Joey
asked something about feeling me up...I felt a bit stupid
and ask livv to get me one of keris shirts,if of cause it
was ok with keri. So i put one of keris shirts on....and
now im called a whore. PLease tell how wearing one of keris
shirts makes me a whore. owell...ill get over it. i just
feel like keri hates me ...then livv said something about
mike and ben only being nice becuz they liked my boobs....i
just dont get where this is all coming from. she makes it
seem like i try to act like im all that. i dont ..i really
really dont!!!!owell i g2g..bye bye ttyl