Best Left Unspoken
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2004-01-15 01:32:32 (UTC)

Today (1/14/04)

Today wasn't really anything special. But I realized
something in band today. I realized that I can't play the
music Mr.Porretta wants me to play with the instrument
that Mr.Porretta wants me to play. It's just not working
and now I've decided that I'm gonna tell him tommorrow how
I feel. I'm just going to lay it out for him and he's just
gonna have to deal because I can't stand sitting there
staring at my music while the rest of the band is playing.
Who was I kidding when I told him that I could do
something like this? Obviously myself. The only instrument
out there for me would be the flute. I'm unsure of all the
emotions I felt today. I know that I was ready to kill
Melissa because she wrote a note to Steven that was all
like... I like you and everything, i like u so much i
might ask you out later. I was ready to turn around and
jump on her. I think I might just write her a note in math
tomorrow telling her how long I've liked him and how much
more Steven "senority" i have. Ok that last sentence
sounded so gay. But I don't care. It's true. I have no
clue what Jonathan is trying to do. It's something weird.
He's been extra close to me lately. Scarey I know. But hey
I will never understand this crazy world. Who will? I
decided that since Megan and everyone could change their
name that I should too and I changed it (only at school)
to Zaveiah (ZAE VEE AH) LOL. I'm like a dictionary now.
Isn't that crazy?! I have no clue what I'm supposed to be
doin at all. I don't mean just right now I mean all the
time. I have one question And will someone PLEASE anwser
me... Why are guys so confusing? I mean they can be all
over u... touchin and stuff but yet u mean NOTHING more
than a friend to them!! And when a guy does like you he
won't get too close to u like he's intimidated or
something. Don't worry I WON'T BITE!!!! Too often.. lol
welpz i better go... i'll write more later.