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2004-01-14 22:56:28 (UTC)

somewhere there is always someone who loves you.

everyone has the same thing to say in different words. and
these are people who all know me, they all know how i am
and how i was. but i dont believe them.

i wish i could believe everything people say. i wish i
could fight on my own side instead of against myself. i
wish i could not only realize reality but accept it and
move on as well. i wish i could be certain for once about
something, anything, and understand it completely. i wish
i could show people how much they mean to me before its too

"adrienne... i wish i could stay. she is unhappy. i dont
think i help much, there isnt anything i can fix for her.
but as she said at least its an excuse to stay away from
him. i dont want to see her go back to him. i wish i could
stay and take care of her. but i cant, and shed never let
me either. she will choose her own course... and caroline
is not good enough."